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floor price is not cheap

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 08:13

<p>silhouetted against a white bookcase, rich taste of Shu Township. Printed curtain fabric, reveal the romantic.As we all know, the floor price is not cheap. If the laying process, due to various reasons, increased floor wear and tear, then, home decoration budget will certainly be over-spending. According to the national standard GB / </p>
<p>T20238-2006 'wood floor pavement, acceptance and use of norms', the rate of loss of the floor pavement should not exceed 5%, if found more than 5% loss rate, consumers may complain to the Consumers Association and other departments, And claim the merchant. But in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to master these skills. </p>
<p>1, careful measurement, countless owners in the purchase floor before you must measure the actual floor area of ​​the floor you are paving the floor, the error to a minimum. Of course, many businesses now also provide free home measurement service size, in order to avoid being fooled, the owners can take the size of the business with the size </p>
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