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good job of floor count

liuyi, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 09:04

<p>of the map to do the comparison, do my heart bottom. 2, before and after the track, do a good job in the supervision of the process of flooring shop owners can supervise the workers in the shop floor saw the whole floor to ask clearly, why saw? Where used? If it is normal sawing, workers must be able to explain . Consumers do not want </p>
<p>to bother, you can also do a good job of floor count, find out how many blocks they bought, how many blocks, how much waste, calculate the loss rate. In order to take preventive measures, consumers should choose a good business reputation, loss of floor and business ahead of consultation and consultation. 3, a simple calculation to </p>
<p>reduce the gap Simple calculation method is the floor area ÷ flooring floor area × 1.05, draw the number of floors required. More regular room, you can also use (room length ÷ floor length) × (room width ÷ floor width), draw the number of floors (to be rounded). 4, the floor with a reasonable color to reduce the loss Sometimes the floor </p>
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