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floor dark furniture For those

liuyi, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 11:40

<p>should grille (wooden keel), wood flooring, skirting, waterproof paper and other materials and construction tools ready. Note that decorative materials must be selected after drying, corrosion, pest control varieties and models. Before laying the wooden floor, all indoor 'wet jobs' are required to be completed. The embedded parts are laid </p>
<p>in accordance with the design requirements. The plastering degree of drying reaches 80% or above. The doors, windows and glass are installed and the horizontal elevation line is played. 2, laying grille (wooden keel), should pay attention to closely integrated with the ground embedded parts. 3, laying card file grille, should pay attention to the </p>
<p>degree of density and the main grille is connected tightly, firmly. 4, carved ventilation slots, pay attention to the order, orientation and direction of consistency. 5, pavement partition, note that the partition and wood keel should be close, solid. 6, paving wood flooring, pay attention to the order of pavement, color, pattern of the floor should be </p>
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