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outstanding flooring companies started

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 13:06

China's flooring companies began to review and reflect, and some outstanding flooring companies started to embark on the road to brand development. China's flooring companies opened the bid farewell to "Made in China" to "Chinese brand" a new phase. Not brand will not have a big future,
"China's flooring industry is moving from qualitative growth to qualitative leap," witnessed the Chinese flooring industry 10-year history of China Forest Products Industry Association President Zhang Senlin, the Chinese flooring industry " Godfather "class character has a deep understanding of the brand.
It is understood that the flooring industry in China is a labor-intensive industries, as China has become the world's manufacturing center, abundant labor resources for China's flooring companies have enjoyed the price advantage. In addition, China's floor export market occupies half of the country,
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