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this floor made of wood

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 13:21

<p>installation of geothermal floor requirements what? Here, the Chinese famous brand of wood flooring Xiaobian detailed for you. Requirements for installation of geothermal floor 1, wood flooring installation should require professional construction; 2, before construction to dry, smooth, clean, water pipes are not allowed to pass under the </p>
<p>floor, so as not to run away, resulting in damage to the floor drain; laying the floor to avoid rainy and wet Of the climate; 3, the surface of the flatness of the higher, available 2m by the foot to measure the ground surface roughness, by foot and ground the maximum chord height should be ≤ 3mm; otherwise, the user is advised to do the ground </p>
<p>leveling. 4, the floor should be thoroughly cleaned before installation of the ground to ensure that the ground without floating soil, no obvious protrusions and construction wastes to prevent cutting moisture-proof membrane or floor balancing layer. 5, geothermal wood flooring without laying wooden keel, non-use of nails or glue assembly </p>
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