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wood flooring without

liuyi, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 13:52

<p>assembly: wood flooring expansion, contraction is with the ambient temperature and humidity changes. Therefore, in the development of wood flooring pavement plan, should be based on the use of places where the ambient temperature and humidity levels to reasonably arranged wood flooring assembly tightness. If too loose, there will </p>
<p>be a larger floor shrinkage gap, too tight, the floor will be arch when the expansion. 4, cross-construction renovation works: construction of the first good wood flooring, flooring and then engaged in other construction projects, which is the current practice of the renovation team. In this way, the floor after the pavement, often after a month </p>
<p>or even longer to clean. During this period, the floor and other decoration construction and the surrounding water and gas, chemicals without any isolation measures, is likely to lead to scratches the wooden floor, due to drastic moisture moisture absorption and deformation, cracking. Construction Steps Notes: 1, before construction, we </p>
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