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the floor centralized purchasing

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 03:42

<p>With hardcover hard, many flooring brands have reached out real estate, in order to achieve win-win cooperation. Have to say, in the case of the retail market is gradually shrinking, hold on the real estate 'thigh', open up a new alliance model is a new attempt for flooring companies. Floor brand hand real estate look Del, life home how to </p>
<p>'daddy' Del: strong alliance, double the main business to expand the territory In May 2015, Del and Vanke signed to strengthen the floor centralized purchasing agreement, which is following the previous one with the sun one hundred , Poly Real Estate, to China Industrial and Financial Street and other companies signed, Del home and well-</p>
<p>known real estate companies once again hand in hand. As a well-known enterprise in the domestic wood flooring industry, in the product sales model, Del Home has always been an important business expansion direction in addition to the distribution model. That is, it mainly deals with the fine decoration business of large-scale real </p>
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