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wood flooring using

liuyi, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 03:50

<p>texture interlacing, fully offset the internal stress of the wood and improved the anti-deformation ability by 6-8 times. On the environmental protection, up to three layers of parquet only use precious wood in the surface layer, core board and floor are using fast-growing timber, greatly improving the comprehensive utilization of timber, reducing </p>
<p>the use of precious wood, so that the natural heritage of sustainable. At the same time the introduction of Finland 'peptide Seoul' aldehyde glue, formaldehyde release close to zero, more environmentally friendly. In the process and handling, up to three layers of wood flooring using a variety of means and technology, more stable geometric </p>
<p>dimensions, the appearance of the atmosphere, opened up a wider space for consumers to choose. At the same time, up to three-tier parquet due to the atmosphere, nature, luxury, distinguished, was known as 'luxury large apartment floor,' received high-end consumer groups sought after. Today, SITA has been paved into the Expo, the </p>
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