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Don’t get scammed by a fake Pandora jewellery discount websi

Afraid789, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 08:00

pandora charms And given that it’s not exactly cheap, we can understand why you might start looking for a discount on the jewellery. Unfortunately, lots of people who’ve tried to just that have found themselves getting scammed. One shopper found they’d been charged £265 for £235 worth of charms, and were unable to reach the seller for a refund. The web addresses for these sites are deliberately misleading – things like ‘pandorasukonline.com’ sound like official website. This can be confusing, especially for people who aren’t hugely internet literate. Anyone who is offering a discount which sounds too good to be true – even if the website looks legitimate – probably is. 70% discounts sadly just aren’t very likely.

pandora charms uk ‘This is obviously completely unacceptable and we are taking and will continue to take necessary measures to end this practice. We closely monitor the situation as it is important for us to protect our brand. ‘Ultimately, it is a matter for authorities to enforce the legislation that protect our legal rights, which in turn will prevent consumers from ending up with fake and counterfeit jewellery.’ If you’ve asked any older relatives who aren’t computer literate for something from Pandora, please do make sure they’re aware of the scams so that they don’t find themselves ripped off.

pandora charms uk sale This set is our star buy and features both a pair of earrings with a halo-like design and a stone cut necklace to complement it. The necklace adds sparkle to the neckline, while the studs are subtle, yet striking. It's a versatile set which adds glamour to casual outfits and evening wear alike. The two-tone design of this significantly reduced bracelet is on trend, and also ensures that it complements any charm and any outfit perfectly. This set features the 'Open Your Heart' charm and two additional charm clips and a rose heart clasp makes for a thoughtful gift.

pandora charms uk online With its delicately embellished bow, this bangle is a must-have for any fashionista. Stack it with other bracelets for an on-trend expression or combine it with the matching pieces for a sophisticated look. Time flies, memories blur, and the stylish woman collects well-crafted charms to remember her most special occasions.
This season, she will most likely take a curious look at Pandora’s Winter Collection and wonder which charms to add to those in the sterling silver bangle that already coolly rests on her wrist. The holidays take center stage in the brand’s Facets of Winter series. Imagine saturated ruby, emerald and sapphire-hued colored stones in bangles, rings, earrings and trademark charms that echo the festive mood.

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