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the floor upside down

liuyi, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 09:53

<p>under the condition of deformation of the dry is very important!' After finishing the surface layer should be from the gap at the expansion joints will be pried up the floor, with absorbent cloth dry one by one, according to 'Well' shaped superimposed display, the bottom to be raised blanket, and the floor upside down to prevent the surface </p>
<p>due to rapid drying caused by dry, dry place it should be ventilated place. Under normal circumstances, as long as the disaster is not serious, timely rescue, floor dry, re-paved by professionals to continue to use. Flooring composite water after: combined with strengthening, solid wood treatment 1, a small area of ​​water, and the small </p>
<p>amount of water, as soon as possible after the treatment of dry surface water, and use the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer cold wind, the gap between the floor immersed in the water Dry 2, a large area of ​​water, it should be removed as soon as possible around the skirting, and pried up the flooded floor, the same with a brick or other stuffed </p>
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