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Construction Waste crusher plays a great role in Dali

crusher007, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 09:59

Now, to Yunnan Dali can see a lot of special brick production line, especially in its use of raw materials, the brick production line of raw materials used in urban construction waste treatment after the aggregate, this new construction garbage disposal method is completely environmental protection. At present, Dali is the introduction of many of the series of construction waste crusher, each equipment daily processing capacity of up to tons.
It is understood that the city's construction waste disposal equipment is the procurement of mobile crushing station, a total of tires and caterpillar type of two major categories. This series of mobile construction waste disposal equipment has high capacity, can be more than hundred tons, mobile convenient, almost can adapt to any terrain, can quickly and accurately reach all kinds of crushing sites; High efficiency, the latest model of the series of construction waste treatment equipment in the year of energy consumption under the production capacity of nearly 20% of the old, In the market of similar equipment ahead.
This new type of construction waste processing production line has been gradually promoted in the country, some do better cities, such as Dali, can almost deal with the city's annual production of millions of tons of construction waste, the promotion of construction waste crusher not only in environmental protection has made a contribution, its savings are also a sky-high price Our company will strive to develop more advanced construction waste crusher, China's urban construction waste treatment to make a strong support for the cause.

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