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flooring industry is more standardized

liuyi, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 10:19

<p>home improvement building materials industry, the evaluation of the new floor is also very important, how the actual use of the results have to test in the test. Small series today to bring 'In Dream Lake' laminate flooring new product introduction, like this product do not miss! Product basic information: Evaluation Brand: Bell flooring Product </p>
<p>Name: Yan Meng Lake laminate flooring evaluation of the project: appearance, details , Anti-fouling, waterproof, wear-resistant Product specifications: 1216 × 126 × 12mm Product technology: Mirror lock Type: V buckle Evaluation time: October 2015 First, the appearance: for the wood floor, the 'Yan value' is the primary </p>
<p>Measurements, beautiful wood flooring must have a smooth, natural texture and Shuya, pure color. Throughout the Lake Yinmian strengthen the floor, using the new wood grain photocopy technology to create a real wood floor-like real wood, creating an elegant and comfortable living environment. Classic wood color supplemented by </p>
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