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stronger bamboo flooring industry

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 11:55

<p>than 10 years and 20 years of history, but in the eyes of many people, w<a href='http://bonusplastics.in/fence/3948.html'>wood waterproof sheets</a>e still stay in a few decades ago Even more than a hundred years ago the traditional application was not as high quality as it is now processed. Yin Hua, vice president of Haihua Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. Our company in the bamboo industry inside, we are more concerned about the brand management is such a concept. It is precisely because the country just like big boss Hu said that its knowledge of bamboo is still stuck in the previous concept. Our starting point first started from abroad. While abroad,evergreen decking boards we are committed to operating bamboo, the floor is made in China, and our </p>
<p>Chinese products are of good quality and brand, so we have done a lot of work. Nowadays the brand is more famous in the United States, and it will <a href='http://bonusplastics.in/panel/4505.html'>garage and outdoor floor tiles philippines</a>also have some domestic radiation, in fact, some foreign designers, he did some architectural design in the country, he likes to add bamboo culture . As our brand management to do more front point, the designer will name us with our brand. In some ways, the use of bamboo is not only the floor, is already in all fields of construction, and from the culture to its direct use is still very extensive, it still has room for development.floor installer and fitters in cape town gumtree How the key in the domestic market development. In fact, China is a big market, how </p>
<p>to cut into the Chinese market, Dazhuang also done a lot of work in this<a href='http://bonusplastics.in/deck/3640.html'>cost to replace deck boards with composite</a> one, such a big market in China, especially now the foreign economy is not particularly good, the dollar depreciated How can we enter such a big market? If the Chinese consumers to accept our bamboo culture, our industry is the most concerned about the issue. Lin Zhu, chairman of Hangzhou Zhuang Floor Co., Ltd. We are very grateful Sohu so much attention to ourhollow to floor incharge bamboo industry. Because the bamboo industry in the media inside the propaganda efforts are not enough, our consumers do not know much about the bamboo industry's new products, the product during the use of </p>

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