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qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 14:41

<p>and wear layer combination of the quality of these three raw materials directly determines the quality of the plastic floor quality. (1) At the end of the material layer At present, the end-use materials used by domestic manufacturers can be roughly divided into two types, namely, new material and recycled material. However, the use of recycled materials produced plastic flooring, the quality is indeed not as good </p>
<p>as the use of new materials for the floor. Good bottom material stepped on the elasticity, soaked water is not easy to deformation, hot and cold is not easy to shrink, the use of a long time does not appear from the edge of the Alice; and recycled material made of the end of the material is almost no elasticity, the bubble will appear significant expansion Which in turn causes the edge to warp. In winter, if the </p>
<p>temperature drops too fast, there will be obvious shrinkage, which will affect the beautiful appearance of the ground. As consumers generally do not have the ability to distinguish the quality of the end of the material, we recommend that consumers buy branded products, not for the cheap to use cottage plastic flooring. (2) The printing layer imported from the printing film layer and the printing layer produced by </p>
<p>pvc wall cladding exterior kitchens<br />
pavilions built into high hardness<br />
cheap hard wood flooring</p>

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