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Wood floor maintenance

liuyi, Mittwoch, 06. Dezember 2017, 15:39

<P>Solid wood flooring with its natural texture, high durability, access to many consumers. However, users of geothermal heating who have used solid wood floors may find that after a winter's summer, the floor cracks. To solve this problem, consumers should play solid wax on the floor.</P>
<P>Solid wood flooring tend to keep a certain amount of moisture inside the geothermal heating in winter, the floor shrinkage, the floor from the seam will increase. At this point, the solid wax on the floor, will reduce the extent of expansion from the seam.
Qin view humidity. Winter heating room temperature is high, the air is dry, should increase the humidity, such as putting water in the room, you can also use the humidifier; rain when the air humidity, should be window ventilation. Solid wood floor like temperature below 28 ��, humidity at 50% -60%. If the natural humidity is not reached, it is recommended to humidify the humidifier.</P>
<P>In addition to these, the solid wood floor usually should also pay attention to maintenance, to avoid some people caused damage. Once found that the deformation of individual flooring, should be the cause of deformation and laying method (nail or glue) timely repair or replacement.</P>
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