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environment is superintended

liuyi, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 02:49

In " the environment is superintended " in, to securing pollution source environment violates a case in all put on record many 2000, amerce exceeds 100 million yuan, among them, composite porch flooring reviews furniture industry more become air pollution to violate an activity " the key pays close attention to " object. This year first half of the year,

in the news that in bureau of stile diy fence Beijing environmental protection and Beijing branch of environmental protection of each area county announces, because company of production of much home furniture, building materials is of all kinds contaminative environment illegal behavior is punished,

there is no lack of among them brazilian walnut vinyl lattice deck skirting well-known trademark, some company controller even because of this be detained by criminal. As policy of increasing environmental protection come on stage, furniture production industry upgrades imperative. Because company of furniture of floating deck over patio stones much first half of the year home pollutes an environment to be punished

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