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dark horse installed

liuyi, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 04:23

Furniture of a dark horse was not installed remove dust equipment
On August 4, bureau of Beijing environmental protection has limited company to home of Beijing a dark horse (legal representative: Du Baoguang) open administration to punish decision book. Interior pvc foam board fencing panels The reason is " the unit shares 3 whole set to produce engine of equipment and machine of a small-sized cut,

a paring, among them facilities of production of wooden deck images 3 whole set deserves to have central dust catcher, but cut machine and paring machine were not installed remove dust establishment " , its behavior was disobeyed " byelaw of prevention and cure of Beijing air pollution " replacement waterproof slats for benches the 61st regulation. Instruct its 10 correct in a few days, be in 10 thousand yuan of amerce.

Adornment company did not handle danger to abandon cost calculator vinyl interlocking floor legally, legal person by punishment arrest

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