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Can you chosen Floor ?

zhangxiaosan ⌂, Donnerstag, 07. Dezember 2017, 05:51

<p>we know, after ceramic tile and floor are being installed, can stay have a bit crack, so how be seamed to ceramic tile and floor beauty? On environmental protection problem, ceramic tile and floor which more Where is environmental protection? <a href="http://woodpaneling.org/plastic-board/419.html">how to make a table from composite decking</a> The beauty of ceramic tile and floor seams a method about the same, basically have below this a few paces that introduce: </p>
<p>1, no matter be to be aimed at,be being seamed newly still is old seam, use gouge of art design knife first a 1mm is wide, deep 0.8mm groove, the first time besides, still undertake the preparation of construction tool,<a href="http://woodpaneling.org/plastic-board/333.html">millboard decking prices</a> hairiness is brushed, the; such as scraper of knife of glue gun, art design, sponge</p>
<p>2, the dust that will be cleared and grain broom, make sure clean of aperture level off is mixed completely as far as possible dry, lest affect follow-up construction effect;</p>
<p>3, seam the United States the agent to be taken, tear down the label on the buttock, stick in body, pull open ring tab, seam the United States gun of agent infuse glue, the gun that use gum hits the beautiful 20-50cm that seam an agent,<a href="http://woodpaneling.org/cheap-plank/4058.html">floor boards recycled pvc</a> when the proposal is used the 1st times, do not hit first too long, wait for adroitness to be in slowly lengthen, wide 1mm of width comparing aperture can</p>
<p>4, seam an agent with scraper strickle beauty, also can wipe with finger smooth, fan Dongni beauty seams an agent to belong to product of green environmental protection, do not contain any poisonous and harmful material, ; of OK and bare-handed operation</p>
<p>5, Ceramic tile floor how is the United States seamed? Wooden floor and ceramic tile which more environmental protection? absorb the water content of 50% with sponge, the beauty of two side seams wipe up aperture agent,<a href="http://woodpaneling.org/plastic-board/4197.html">how do you hide ugly cement patio</a> seam the ongoing travel with caky agent in the beauty as far as possible, lest caky hind appear brush the phenomenon that does not drop. (Sponge should cast water; to make sure sponge is clean more; and every face wipes 6 faces that assure sponge as far as possible only)</p>
<p>6, repeat 345 situations, all horizontal after finishing, redo perpendicular, abide by the principle; that stands after the horizontal stroke first</p>
<p>7, the beautiful meeting that seam an agent is thoroughly caky after the time of 24h, can use normally. </p>

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