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forestry committee will

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 03:24

after paying fine, forestry committee will extend these penalize the permission certificate of business that does not have lumber. Forestry committee also cancel is in Bui Dam futurewood decking prices in qatar area all agreements of fell trees tree. Up to on December 31, 2016, in results, all licence that carry and export annatto already all expired invalidation. The deal with problems arising from an accident that at present 4 companies obtain licence to

do lumber to cut works. Till 10 years ago, vinyl sheet decking austrailia ghana annatto still does not have the commerce material of predominate to plant on the international market. About 5 years ago, annatto is accepted by international market place, ghana was issued to business of a few lumber cut licence offers outlet. In last few years, of annatto cut and export already out of control. To answer this kind of circumstance,decking expansion and contraction ghana forestry committee must

take new step. Our country executes 24 hours exclusively to connect the international highway port that shut -- full continent in port Full continent in port is located in in Russia high quality pvc wall panelling cheats a boundary, male crouch Eurasia bridge communications center, it is the whole nation the biggest overland port. Present full continent in development construction becomes edge of our country edge the international port with the

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