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to promote the love grid experience

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 04:45

Speaking of his 10 years in China to promote the love grid experience, Zhong Hongwen summed up a key word: integrity. "Everyone is honest, but it is too hard to be honest." Zhong Hongwen said that after he graduated from Beijing Forestry University,
he worked very hard at a German office in Beijing as a foreign employee. German love grid group is the heroic customers, ready to open up the Chinese market, found Zhong Hongwen, after several years of inspection, decided to choose him to play a "pioneer" task.
"I said I did not have the money, Egg said, do not want you to pay, I first credit you 3 years, the love plate sold out and give money." A bell said that the Germans are one of the few in the world Sign the contract of the nation, pay attention to promises,
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