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lumber is current

liuyi, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 05:59

intermediate link of catenary, lumber is current the bridge that the enterprise is communication upper reaches and downstream industry, must pay close attention to closely anti slip outdoor flooring wpc decking consequently " both ends " change and tendercy. And the demand of lumber can divide for two kinds of types: Bad news uses sexual demand and productivity requirement. Bad news is used what point to lumber raw material directly with sexual demand, include

to be used at pitprop, building cost of wooden backyard fences for sale and decorate to wait; Productivity demand asks to become raw material rework wood, enter current segment again, till flow to the final demand link of the market -- sale in domestic market or exit. Floor of door of papermaking, man-made board, furniture, wood, wood is made, woodiness handicraft is made wait for lumber rework process to belong to this kind.composite wood garden arbor and trellises Our country the crop of the product

such as man-made board, furniture ranks world front row. In demand side, international and home already formed two big markets. Domestic demand side, last except demand wrought iron railing 2 ft high the papermaking course of study of heighten, owner of travel of timber of our country country wants the progress of depend on sb or sth for existence at real-estate industry, along with the past the bldg. in a few years and furniture line of business grow

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