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enters plant area

liuyi, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 06:43

much. At the same time as a result of capital problem, the road that enters plant area is narrower, it is difficult that fire engine passes through. If send upcoming events in singapore about flooring and decking unripe fire,save oneself and ab extra rescuing difficulty is greater. (6) transmission network lays confused, illicit pull chaos to receive temporarily circuit. Production does not wear a canal with electrical wiring of electrical wiring road, erect wears Fang Liang

to go up in workshop steel,anti fungal plastic wood lumber easy happening accident of leakage of electricity getting an electric shock. The life receives chaos to pull with electric chaos, wire negative charge is small calorific, cause draw well disaster easily. Fuse is replaced with cupreous aluminous silk. Distribution box does not have guard and lower part piles up the combustible such as paring, lumber.plastic bench ends (7) the enterprise did not sign labor

contract with the worker, worker labor safety does not have safeguard, producing safe production accident is enterprise and worker compounding more. (8) the worker in composite lumber for boats Svendborg producing a course did not adorn by the regulation protective equipment. If be in,generation dust and paint things area did not carry guaze mask, did not take earplug in noise area. 2, countermeasure proposal (one) public service facilities builds division of

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