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workshop mixes enclosure

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 07:17

driveway; 2 it is workshop mixes enclosure to add steel to wear a structure for the brick more, hair unripe fire makes easily of workshop bear the clog wears collapse; caravan decking specialists 3 it is an enterprise the combustible such as a large number of paring that arise in producing treatment course, sawdust, wood chip piles up for a long time together (lumber material burning point is in commonly 250, 300 ℃ , control) in 350 ℃ commonly

from ignition point, composite decking 14 inch cause factitious combustion or spontaneous combustion extremely easily; 4 it is job shops, storehouse, office and worker dormitory are mixed build together, if produce fire, easy cause significant belongings loss and personal casualty. (5) communal foundation and construction of fire control establishment are not perfect. Because lumber machines noise pollution is big,install wooden fence panels big, most lumber machines an

enterprise to be set in the out-of-the-way a sector of an area that is far from the city zone or residential area. Net laid does not reach the designated position or so how to build a fence from pallets water supply presses feed pipe of municipal fire control force slants small. Belt of the cistern inside plant area, water tower, squirt, water and calamity firearm, basically be to deal with fire control to check, the person that real conference uses is not

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