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wall panels, decoration materials for more knowledge

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 08:03

<p>divided into two kinds of strip profiles and the entire sheet. �� from the substrate processing technology can be divided into solid wood composite panels, MDF and plywood three. No matter what the material of the substrate, the surface has been processed, with pure natural wood texture, imitation solid wood, imitation stone, imitation tiles, imitation wallpaper, anti-stick, ash, teak, oak, Renovation is </p>
<p>applied more solid wood composite wall panels. 3, the quality of the wall panels Selection of the quality of the wall panels can be identified from both inside and outside. The inner quality of the main test of its surface hardness and the substrate and the surface finishes the adhesion of the firm, good quality products, surface finish high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance, scratched surface with a knife, no </p>
<p>obvious injuries, the surface No separation from the substrate. The quality of the appearance of the main test its degree of simulation, good quality products, realistic graphics, uniform processing specifications, splicing freely, decorative effect is good. Strip panels should be plastic sealed packaging, no distortion. The above is mainly introduced the three major tips for the purchase of wall panels, </p>
<p>thermally modified wood pricing<br />
how to install a fence on composite wall<br />
high glossy pvc sheet india</p>

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