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composition of materials from natural vermiculite

liuyi, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 09:30

<p>second is to check the hardness and adhesion fastness, the intrinsic quality is mainly the surface hardness of the watch wall and the substrate and surface finishes bonding firmness. Good quality products, surface finish high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance, no scratches the surface with a knife, such as scratches, surface and substrate without leaving the phenomenon. 4, siding installation notes </p>
<p>Siding installation difficulties in the yin and yang corner, must be vertical level. Before installing the wallboard, the wall should be kept clean, dry and smooth, and the height of the wall should be leveled. In order to meet the local climatic conditions, to achieve the moisture content of air, the newly bought wallboard should be the original packaging unpacking, the local preservation of at least 48 hours before </p>
<p>beginning the installation. Before installation, should be designed to block size, and find each side of the sub-block, looking straight after the trial installed once the adjustment and then formally installed. The above is mainly introduced the classification of wallboards and installation precautions, I hope we understand the help of wallboards. For more knowledge about the wall panels, please continue to pay </p>
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