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substrate processing technology can be divided

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 10:21

<p>attention to every home decoration network.Siding, is a decorative plate, wood skirts can be replaced, wallpaper, wall tiles and other wall materials, is widely used. So how to buy siding? Next introduce three techniques to buy siding. 1, to understand the process of retaining the wall behind the first brush or water-based film what, moisture-proof. Then a layer of moisture-proof pearl cotton, dampness made </p>
<p>for dampness is very important, maintenance is basically pry again; wood board set on the wall, leaving 1 cm across the ground, expansion joints and moisture have all made. According to the design requirements of decorative panels and decorative lines, pay attention to the sample panel, and strive to texture roughly the same; according to the desired effect of paint processing, primer, color, repair color, </p>
<p>polished, topcoat and so on a variety of processes; done After protection is very important, remove protection when completed. Now eight lacquer things, are not cheap, if the retaining wall area, it is recommended large air compressor operation. 2, the material selection of the siding �� from the type of substrate can be divided into two major categories of wood and plastic, of which the wood can be </p>
<p>supplier wood handrails for porch<br />
above the ground pool decks<br />
wood plastic composite annual production</p>

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