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modern concise furniture

liuyi, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 12:31

<p>Vertical stripes add height to your living space, with striped, streaked walls featuring many lasting, classical, modern and traditional features. It is able to color the most useful method of distribution in the wall, and concise and elegant, and other drawing deployment is also very simple, slightly longer stripes suitable for circulation in the large </p>
<p>space, the interior space can produce to extend the Visual effect, while narrower pictures are more suitable for smaller rooms because they give the room a visual sense of upward ascension. Large flowers can reduce the sense of restraint room: flowers expressive, rich colors, seems far from the feeling of ready to come out, such integrated </p>
<p>wall panels will be useful to reduce the sense of restraint of space, the more appropriate layout format narrative room. Most of these drawings are more exaggerated, the general deployment of European classical furniture is more appropriate, like modern concise furniture, we eventually do not use this picture of the WPC wall decoration </p>
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