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Waterproof building

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 02. Januar 2018, 12:52

<p>Waterproof building knowledge common sense what? In the general area of ​​home where there will be leakage to the bathroom, balcony, doors and windows around the roof, external walls, ponds, basements, so if pvc sheet for mdf Malta in these places there is a water seepage, leaking water precursor, do not have the ostrich mentality , Think it is not very serious. You can live just fine, we should pay attention to the problem of leakage, commissioned by someone to do basic waterproofing work, not the surface of the leaks, leaks only. Water and waterproof DIY building to bathroom, kitchen, pool, flower bed, for example, if the leakage of water occurs, consumers first:</p><p> Construction surface clean, loose matter, grease dirt completely removed, paint as much as possible scraping except. 2. If the surface strength is obviously insufficient, it should be reinforced, and then the surface waterproof brushing. 3. Moisturizing the construction surface, as far as possible to reach outsidehow to apply threshold floor strip between bathroom and hallway dry saturation. DIY steps </p><p>Wet the construction surface, but not water, and then quantitative and uniform finish. 2. When brushing, each point must be cross-coated with force, every 3 to 4 points will brush it flat, in order to apply the thickness of the uniform, horizontal or vertical to both. 3. The second brushing is also the same, at least 4 to 8 hours intervals (depending on temperature and ventilation conditions). The reservoir or pond after completion of more than 48 hours before they can drain, soak a day after the water and drain it clean (if you can place a trace of saline better), you can officially use. Just finished the surface, as far as possible not exposed to the sun, and the surface of the initial setting can be wooden fence in malaysia sprayed with trace maintenance film.</p>

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