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point of price case

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 02:32

contractive. From the point of price case, in recent years plywood price falls continuously, and additional two adult are built board the price is slow climb, reflected the bruce hardwood floor price metabolic trend of downstream demand from certain level. Competitive pattern: The industry is spent centrally low, technical camp is not strong it is main reason Market participator is numerous, the industry is spent centrally low. Above of our country

dimensions (year income 20 wood plastic or vinyl decking manufacturer million yuan of above) measure of man-made board industry amounts to many 4700, but the market of enterprise of bibcock of man-made board industry has rate inadequacy 4% , the industry is spent centrally inferior. With be being produced inside beaverboard industry can 1.36 million stere calculated the big subfamily ability with the largest scale 2009, wooden stepped planters stairs industry bibcock crop is occupied only in

those days domestic beaverboard crop 3.90% of 34.89 million stere. Industry threshold is not high it is the main reason with numerous participator. Domestic outdoor privacy deck boards man-made board the development that produces equipment course a few years, development and improve, the quality of equipment and crop can satisfy the market completely already to ask, the enterprise can purchase man-made board to produce equipment from

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