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three-dimensional wooden floor

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 03:41

In order to increase the three-dimensional wooden floor. Since this process preserves the growth rings of the wood to the maximum, leaving impressions of the growth period, some say that hand-carved wooden floors not only record the years of print but also allow time to "wake up" at home,
To bring people kind of natural flavor. Six-sided sealing paint will minimize formaldehyde emissions Multi-layer wood flooring inevitably added glue, so the environmental protection is particularly important, but do not mention the glue to think of formaldehyde,
so talk about the color change. Formaldehyde has always been closely related to our life, even in tap water, logs contain formaldehyde, so some companies hit the "E0" level of the green sheet does not mean that there is no release of formaldehyde,
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