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man-made board the high

liuyi, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 03:44

to running cost. Our country man-made board the high speed of the industry develops those who cause raw material to supply insecurity, the man-made of partial area board how to repair splintered pool deck manufacturing company has supplied shortage because of raw material and reduction of output. The ceaseless aggravate with lumber resource contradictory supply and demand, cause raw material to carry a distance from 100 kilometers outspread to 500

kilometers, even 900 kilometers. gorilla Embossing decking canada supplier The rise of raw material price and the amplification of carriage distance, can increase man-made board produce the management cost of the enterprise. Natural resources of our country forest basically distributings northeastern, southwest, southeast 3 old forest. Northeast forest zone is our country's current and main natural forest, with the needle Xie outdoor playground floor kids Lin and mixed forest of needle broad

leaf are given priority to, main concentration is in go in for sth in a large scale area of An Ling, small Xing Anling, long Bai Shan. Southwest forest zone is located bathroom deck tiles in canada in ministry of Qinghai-Tibet Platean southeast, basically be Xie Lin of high mountain needle and mixed forest of needle broad leaf. Southeast forest zone includes river of Qin Ling, the Huaihe River with south, the vast area to the south of the

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