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manufacturing technology camp

liuyi, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 04:00

inside the market directly, manufacturing technology camp is not tall. In the meantime, throw the level from capital for, the capital camp of the industry is same not remarkable; inexpensive patio flooring materials Of beaverboard and particieboard product line purchase cost taller, but the cost of product line of a miniature plywood is controlled 10 thousand yuan in 800-1000 only. Camp of technology, capital brings about industry admittance doorsill not

high not tall, stability of downstream exterior pvc wood plastic cladding furniture demand grows together with, make the amount of market participator numerous become inevitable. The difference of situation of trade of board of 3 big man-made also proved this. Following plan institute are shown, the amount of enterprise of above of plywood industry dimensions of industry doorsill lowest is maximum, achieved 3239 2015, outdoor wpc floor with fence furniture and its company is average crop is

remarkable also under industry doorsill taller beaverboard is mixed particieboard industry. "Low competes " strategy forces partial small plant to cut environmental protection cost. garden diy interlocking deck tiles supplies Producing link nonsignificant difference, product coessential change the setting with serious phenomenon to fall, small-sized man-made board the enterprise is forced to rely on " low competes " means and large man-made board the company competes,

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