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lumber is maintained basically

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 04:38

company of board course of study is exemple: The wool interest rate of product of two companies lumber is maintained basically in 40% above, and man-made board business is only white panel plastic fencing between 10-20% . Gain space is limited, controlling cost is good sense. The gross profit space of man-made board industry is limited, net profit margin is not high also, below the case with management higher lever, 16x20 composite Embossed floor kit the cost with minor rate is cut

cause distinct effect possibly also to net profit, because this controls cost,make the inevitable choice of man-made board enterprise. At present man-made board produces cost tough waterproof flooring in forming, raw material occupies 70-80% about, the others is basic by motivation (production uses water, phone) composition of charge, labour cost. As a result of hind two adjust a space not quite, because the centre of gravity of this enterprise

basically is put on the control to lumber cost. This parts kind of way again among them: It is to choose the area that nears producing area to build a factory to carry cost in swimming pool composite decking prices australia order to reduce as far as possible, 2 it is to breed forest natural resources to purchase cost in order to reduce by oneself. (1) close from forest producing area company has cost advantage more. Raw material carries a distance to have bigger effect

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