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Floor space is too large

liuyi, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 05:01

<P>With the advent of summer, the next is about to enter the hot weather, people must do a good job in sun protection, the same floor. For the wood floor often exposed to high temperatures, it is easy to shrink the volume, widening the gap at the splice, in case of serious, but also easily lead to seam detachment, cracking.</P>
<P>Especially close to the balcony, or the floor surface of the West sun room, if often under the sun exposure, the floor surface of the paint film is also easy foaming, discoloration. Once that happens, it's hard to fix it. Want to make the use of the floor longer, in the next days we should do sunscreen work for the floor.</P>
<P>If no one at home every day, before going out to remember that the balcony and the West room windows and doors closed good, and pull the sun screen. When ordinary people at home can allow indoor ventilation, ventilation, and good heat dissipation. In addition, the industry suggested that the use of summer air conditioning is relatively high, when used as far as possible not against the floor blowing, air-conditioned room if you feel more dry, you can properly humidification.</P>

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