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At present lumber price

liuyi, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 06:15

office furniture demand that are B upright enterprise, the 3 furniture that are the generation when land agent builds clothbound house purchase demand. Downstream demand diy synthetic marine interior flooring board type furniture: Consume a trend to the mainstream from brim choice At present lumber price tall house does not fall and anticipate rise continuously, the man-made of fast volume recovery board have huge price advantage. Below the circumstance that

expands ceaselessly in breach of heat forming kit lumber supply and demand, when the river rises the boat goes up too of price of real wood material, real wood furniture becomes luxury gradually. On the other hand, because the treatment of man-made board can make full use of the leftover material of lumber, volume recovery greatly material of prep above solid board, the man-made that brings about identical norms to lightweight pvc wall panel Albania fall board cost is far

under log plank. Usually log machines the volume recovery of solid board to have 36%~42% only, and man-made board is adjacent 90% , this means the log that makes 1 stere solid wood plastic composite indoor floors board to be able to be used at producing 2.5 stere imitation board. Look from the price, both price difference is very apparent also; From our country the biggest lumber trades the market -- of piscine bead market trade in light of the price, not only

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