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rs3gold11, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 06:45

More people buy cheap wow gold than ever love computer games these days worldwide, we spend three billion hours a week playing online but that doesn't mean we can't laugh about them. Our comedy sketch Nemesis Of Doom is set in an online role playing game that we've created in real life, with performers from London's cabaret and burlesque scene. It's a work in progress, made by game lovers, to explore what's funny about the gaming world. We want this to be the first of a series of sketches, with a companion game, so you can play Nemesis Of Doom yourself too.Comedy in games is nothing new from Pac Man (yellow ball eats pills while fleeing technicolour ghosts) through Earthworm Jim (worm in robotic suit battles evil), and Hogs of War (pun based porcine tactical combat), to controversial anti hero send up Duke Nukem.Charlie Brooker in his one off special on the games industry, Gameswipe, claims Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams, is possibly the funniest game ever made, and its noble tongue in cheek tradition continues. Global giant role playing game World of Warcraft (known affectionately as WoW) send up their own game with cod metal band, the Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftans.When it comes to comedy about games, the passion players invest in a game doesn't stop them joking about ridiculous in game mechanics, or the foibles of fellow gamers. A host of WoW parodies have been lovingly created with the in game machinima 3D animation engine.And gaming community comedy isn't limited to WoW players. Spoof videos explore what would happen if real life were like a game, so you can blast opponents on the go kart track, rocket jump enemies, or mess with a portal gun in the office, according to US gaming champion and filmmaker Freddie Wong.Gaming has changed status in the years since it first started to laugh at itself. World of Warcraft has over twelve million players that's more than the population of Greece. Everybody knows about games now: even if you never played Prince of Persia, you couldn't miss the posters from the movie spin off. A bunch of off duty computer game characters even have their own show on children's TV: CBBC's Pixelface.The conventions of gaming are now familiar to so many that with Nemesis Of Doom we can come full circle, and evoke the foibles of computer games in live action, knowing there are enough people out there to share the joke with us. We hope you like it let us know, and tell us what you'd like to see in future missions of Nemesis of Doom.Game over for movies? Is gaming the future of sketch comedy?Tell us on Facebook, via Twitter or leave a comment below.New Comedy Award 2011If the Glasgow heat teaches us anything, it's that the future of UK comedy is going to be really rather hirsute. So much facial hair.Global Warming WarningTurn off those taps, turn off those lights, turn down those sheets. If we're not careful, this is the shape of things to come. And oh boy, what a shape.Blog it. BLOG IT HARDGetting OnJo Brand and the staff of King Edward VIIIth hospital are back for a third series of the Getting On, the Bafta winning bedpan com.Angry BoysChris "Summer Heights High" Lilley is back with new series Angry Boys. We were kind of hoping it would involve throwing boys at structures created by spherical green pigs, but apparently we were mistaken.It's the frickin' summer already. How did that happen? Anyway, to celebrate, here's a seasonal Family Guy Christmas song.A clutch (yes, a clutch) of Two Pints outtakes to gently guide you into the weekend. "clutch."How exactly did filmdirectorlegendman John Landis end up in Psychoville?Other funny stuff on t' webWe were having our minds expanded when this puss cat went all Kanye West and in purr upted the speech.Clement Freud demonstrates perfect joke delivery.Ideal returns to BBC Three tonight for a seventh series at 10.30pm.In tonight's opening episode of the new series of IDEAL, Moz (Johnny Vegas) will not only be rubbing shoulders with his usual circle of reprobates Psycho Paul, Cartoon Head and so on but also Strictly Come Dancing winner Kara Tointon and, perhaps even more surprisingly, the Modfather himself: Paul Weller. Both of whom bring their own unique brand of magic to the show.
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