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Mainly used in the construction of wall

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 06:56

<p>construction and low overall cost. It is mainly used in the construction wall insulation system . The following is a small introduction of the new composite wall panels features and advantages analysis. First, the characteristics of a new composite wallboard 1. Light seismic unit area quality is only red brick wall 1/10, with good seismic performance, either low-rise or high-rise buildings can be used more suitable for </p>
<p>steel Frame new composite wall products 2. Quick and convenient construction and installation of plate or combination of dry work, with nails, sawing, planing, sticking, and other excellent features. 3. Low overall cost of production The main use of agricultural products, industrial waste, low production costs. Due to the reduction of beam column foundation load and short construction period, hollow brick </p>
<p>reduces the project cost by more than 20% compared with solid brick. 4. Energy-saving environmentally friendly production process without high temperature and pressure, non-toxic products, harmless, pollution-free, non-radioactive, is a new type of green energy-saving building materials. 5. Improve the use of area Insulation, noise and other requirements under the same conditions, thinner plate, the same </p>
<p>composite decking tile <br />
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