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How to plan the installation of the floor

liuyi, Mittwoch, 03. Januar 2018, 08:21

While planning the kitchen flooring, it is advisable to consider the comfort of the person using the kitchen and the amount of pressure the flooring will be subjected to. Considering the fact that liquid spills are very common in the kitchen, installing stone or marble flooring can be risky, especially if there are small children, pets or elderly people in the house. In this case, opting for slip-resistant flooring can be a good idea.
Considering the nature of work being done in the kitchen, the possibility of spilling hot liquid on the kitchen floor cannot be ignored. Installing a floor with wax polish in these areas can prove to be a huge mistake as the chances of it getting damaged are very high. So when it comes to selecting floor for your kitchen, it?s advisable to opt for flooring that is heat resistant and easily washable.
Another flooring option that is gaining popularity among homeowners is the laminate flooring. It is available in a variety of designs and colors, varying from stone to wood. The installation of laminate flooring is also very easy. It is basically stain proof, and a regular sweeping and mopping are enough for cleaning the laminate flooring. The only disadvantage of laminate floors is that liquid spills left on the floor could find its way below the floating floor and cause a lot of damage.
Flooring's made of marble and other stones are definitely not a good choice for the kitchen. Although they are very durable and can add a lot of beauty and class to your kitchen, they can cause more damage than gain. Grouts used to seal the joints can become discolored and spoil the beauty of the whole floor. A little water on the floor surface can make it very slippery and dangerous. And the worst disadvantage is that such floorings are hard and are extremely uncomfortable for the ones who spend long hours standing in the kitchen.
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