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then the flooring industry

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 07. März 2018, 10:27

<p>least 3,000 companies in one.<a href='http://wintouch.in/wall-panel/5265.html'>how to add benches to deck</a> Huge nascent market space to accommodate low-level competition, flooring business marketing a single means of quick success, but this marketing strategy does not bring much market value to the enterprise. Gao Zhihua, vice chairman of China Timber Circulation Association, polystyrene wood composite fencingsaid that in the near future, there will be 50% of flooring companies to be eliminated, there will be a corporate brand win situation, the </p>
<p>result of competition will be the majority of small-scale enterprises are more scarce Competitiveness,<a href='http://elbowpatch.org/cheap-fence/1543.html'>wood panels for fences india</a> which is out of the market or become a big brand company's processing plant. At the same time, the market share of big manufacturers and big brands in the market will steadily increase, and the degree of market concentration will be higher and higher.chemical resistant polymer deck boards Zhang Wenling believes that China's wood flooring companies in product development, </p>
<p>quality control,<a href='http://wintouch.in/cheap-floor/4663.html'>composite wood stairs maintenance for project</a> corporate culture and brand strategy, but also need to invest more energy, "To achieve 'Made in China' to 'create' change, only through autonomy Research and development, to form their own strong brand in order to gain a place in the fierce market competition.The Olympic year has passed a quarter,exterior wall panel in kenya the flooring industry seems to be in the collective home sector collective "lost", no sensational marketing, there is no </p>

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