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Wood floor cleaner

liuyi, Mittwoch, 07. März 2018, 11:19

<P>Because the weather in the south is too humid, the floor itself contains water damage and natural resin gradually lost, after a long time will greatly affect the life of the floor, in which case, we must regularly add moisture to the floor and natural resin to prevent and restore Floor cracks and seams become larger. The use of natural wood olein or strong moisturizing treatment, that is, restore the original appearance and increase the service life.</p>
<P>Periodically in time for the oil on the floor, waxing can effectively prevent and manage the floor dry crack. To prevent and restore the floor scratches We should be the last installation of wood flooring installation, so that will not cause improper construction of the floor scratches, after installation into the furniture before the floor should be a layer of floor wax or oil on the floor On the formation of a protective film to prevent scratches. Such as the floor has been scratched, with a slight increase in wax can be, such as deep can be fixed to ensure that the use of the floor and beautiful.</p>
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