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garden with a modern setting

liuyi, Mittwoch, 07. März 2018, 11:26

decking will keep its shape. Pros and Cons Pros Composite decking is durable due to the combination of synthetic and organic materials, and one of the greatest benefits of choosing composite decking is longevity. Real timber will expand and contract depending on weather conditions, will rot eventually, and must be stained and oiled, whereas
composite decking is low maintenance and can withstand severe weather conditions without any protection or treatment. Stains are added to the mixture during the manufacturing process, and this gives you the option to choose the shade and color of your decking. You will not have to worry about termites and other wood-eating bugs gnawing away at
your beautiful patio deck. Splinters will also not be a problem. Composite decking is eco - friendly as it uses recycled plastic. Cons If you do decide to paint your deck, you will have to apply a fresh coat of paint every year or so. The use of plastic mixture within the composite deck means that the paint will not adhere to the decking as well as it would to
" build your own lattice panels for a pergola , peel and stick vinyl plank flooring uk "
" dynasty semi privacy fence , how to build a small deck for a mobile home "

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