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grooved plate is used to cut the extruded

liuyi, Mittwoch, 07. März 2018, 11:26

<p>materials affect the bond strength of the material. 2, in order to increase the extruded board and the grassroots several layers of adhesive force, should be in the extruded plate on both sides of the brush interface agent together. 3, configure a special binder: (1) 5 parts (by weight) of dry mortar into a clean plastic bucket, add 1 part of purified water should be added while stirring water, and then use a handheld electric mixer </p>
<p>for 5 minutes Until the stir, and moderate consistency so far. (2) the configuration of the adhesive is allowed to stand for 5 minutes, stirring can be used, the configuration of the adhesive should be used within 1 hour. (3) The special adhesive configuration only allows the addition of purified water, may not add other additives (agents). 4, the installation of extruded board (1) standard board size size 1200 * 600, diagonal </p>
<p>error is less than 2, extruded board with electric wire cutter or utility knife cutting, the size tolerance is �� 1.5. (2) Mesh Closure: prefabricated mesh cloth on the extruded board on both sides of windows and doors, deformation joints, etc. The total width is about 200 and the width of the flip package is 80, as follows: Mesh Cloth Length 180 plus plate thickness. First in the flip package wipe the length of 80 for the width of 2 </p>
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