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Wood floor cleaner

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 07. März 2018, 13:50

<P>Only good wooden flooring, at least until 24 hours before they can use, otherwise it will affect the floor effect. Generally poor water resistance of wooden flooring, so when cleaning the wooden floor, avoid using wet mops directly wipe the floor, you should use a special cleaning agent for cleaning the wooden floor, so as not to lose the original luster.</P>
<P>In daily life should pay attention to avoid heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, high heels and nails and other hard objects scratched the floor; Also do not drag the floor when moving furniture, will damage the floor light; Also do not let the floor contact Open fire; Do not place on the floor of strong alkaline and strong acid substances; Do not invade for a long time.</P>
<P>Room temperature should not be too large, to keep the floor dry, to extend the life of the wooden floor, it is recommended waxing and maintenance twice a year. Can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, or the floor to premature aging.</P> "exotic wood for decks,decking boards cheap wirral,garden bed composite edging installation "

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