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Bubble water for how to repair it?

liuyi, Mittwoch, 07. März 2018, 14:52

<P>Floor for a variety of reasons caused a large area of foam, and a large amount of water on the site to clean up at the same time notify the floor manufacturers customer service, in the shortest possible time to remove the floor. Because in addition to the bathroom, the kitchen outside the room is generally not waterproof, so the need to clean up the water on the ground as soon as possible to avoid bubble downstairs causing greater damage.</P>
<P>Cut off the water and clean the water on the ground in a timely manner, observe the floor there is a significant change, there is a clear Alice side reaction floor manufacturers can inform the local replacement, workers will be partially demolished according to the scene and calculate the required floor area , Accounting related costs.</P>
<P>In the workers need to check before going to the floor inventory and lot to be changed, because only with the original floor colors, specifications of the same floor to use, otherwise it can not be repaired. It is best to keep the normal ventilation, dry the ground about two weeks until the ground is dry, then re-install.</P> "swimming pool and deck ideas,cheap eclectic patio surfaces,plastic wood die design "

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