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Learn from Shanghai

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 08. März 2018, 03:33

2002-9-13 origin: Learn from Shanghai custom, increase in view of function of Shanghai center city, citizen lumber consumption sees flourishing and customs service are how to install composite railing on concrete stairs efficient, condition of pass in and out is orderly wait for an element, henceforth a paragraph of period, demand of our country lumber will have relatively grow substantially. According to custom statistic, lumber of port of

Shanghai of the 3rd quarter imports insects resistant wpc decking buyer a quantity to amount to 300 thousand stere this year, than going up the quarter grows 50% , so far volume of import of lumber of port of Shanghai of before 9 months already amounted to 615 thousand stere. Statistic makes clear, at present our country year wastage of lumber of average per capita is 0.16 stere only, and world average composite Embossing floor wood ground contact per capita year wastage

is 0.65 stere. Shanghai port lumber imported a quantity to amount to 750 thousand stere 1998, amounted to 946 thousand stere last year, predict to will grow considerably this how to build a bench made out of decking material year. According to expert introduction, shanghai of the 3rd quarter imports wood of lumber Central Plains to import an amount this year the biggest, amount to 208 thousand stere, 69.3% what occupy entrance gross: It

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