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which is based on polystyrene resin

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 08. März 2018, 05:09

<p>inspection, the maximum deviation greater than 4, the application of 20 thick 1: 3 cement mortar leveling; maximum deviation of less than 4, uneven with 1: 3 cement mortar repair formation. 3, masonry walls with 20 thick 1: 3 cement mortar leveling. 4, primary wall and leveling layer should be dry. 5, the construction site ambient temperature and wall surface temperature within 24 hours after construction shall not be less </p>
<p>than 5 ��, the wind is not greater than 5. 6, during summer construction should take effective measures to prevent rain washed the wall. Second, the construction tools electric wire cutter, slotting machine, wallpaper knife, screwdriver, hacksaw, scissors, electric mixer, impact drill, hammer, brush, coarse sandpaper and commonly used tools. Third, the construction process with a special sticky - primary wall treatment - brush </p>
<p>interface agent - paste Extrusion board - pre-stick edge grid cloth - drilling and installation of fixed pieces - extruded plate polished leveling - Brush interface agent - with polymer mortar - wipe the bottom of the polymer mortar buried - posted grid cloth - Plastering polymer mortar Fourth, the construction operation points 1, the primary treatment of surface layer Ash, oil, mold release agents, hollowing and weathering </p>
<p>pvc panels indonesia<br />
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types synthetic wood flooring at home</p>

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