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The whole wooden floor repair

liuyi, Freitag, 09. März 2018, 03:12

<P>In general, the wood floor paint repair is the use of factory-specific repair paint or gel and other products, both to ensure the repair effect and to ensure the environmental performance of the repair, repair, the factory may require specialized service personnel come to the door , General paint products, even if the repair effect can not be guaranteed to achieve environmental standards.</P>
<P>The local damage to the wood floor repair methods need to be replaced first floor destroyed, and then completely removed. Use the tool to cut a short cut at the short side of the floor to be replaced, saw the floor to be replaced with a saw, and then remove the floor into small pieces, but make sure not to damage the surrounding floor; then remove the floor Clean the surrounding glue and ensure that the clean mortise is easy to install. If the cleaning is not complete, the joint will be uneven or not tight. You can use a small piece of new tenon in the interface sliding back and forth to find the residual rubber and clear to ensure that the repair of the beautiful floor, the same need to be careful not to damage the surrounding mortise and groove.</P>
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